White Picnic has rebranded and now located at 180 Cambridge Road Hillcrest Hamilton.
SHOP HOURS Wednesdays / Thursdays 1030am - 430pm - come and say hello!
DELIVERY Monday to Friday - or browse online, order and collect

Why Choose Us?

We have experience
have been in the food scene for almost 20 years with a Deloitte Fast 50 achievement along the way.

We're loved
have repeat customers who enjoy the flavours of our delicious flavoursome offerings

We're savy
continually look to evolve and understand your needs as a customer. Nothing stands still. This is why we create different dishes while still maintaining the favourites.

We're here for you
need reassurance or a chat before you order - drop us a line or call to speak to someone in our team.

What we do
sometimes in life things happen that you dont quite expect, like an illness or losing a loved one. Thats where we come in. We have our Nourish Boxes at the ready for these moments than can change life in an instance.
Our meals are made fresh and then frozen, so they can be eaten when you are ready. They are created to be frozen, so when heated, you are still eating a quality product.

Great cooks and good sorts
along with the everchanging technology scene, if you arent comfortable ordering online we are happy to offer you alternative ordering solutions.  We are proud to have been offering our meals since 2016. Back from when we first started in food nearly 20 years ago, through the different businesses, we still have a loyal following of original customers. Through the use of online ordering, customers can still have direct contact with us, wherever they may end up in NZ.
So, if you would like meals from a company that still recognises the value in good old fashioned customer service, then we should have a natter.  Soon.

we love hearing from extended family and friends who have ordered as far away as Sweden to send love from afar.

What people say

"your food brings back memories of my mothers' cooking.  It was made with love and you could taste it"  Janine

"your food is so good, the flavours are just amazing" Carrine

"i can't keep away, it is hard to find meals that taste this good, especially heated from frozen"  Jason

"i wish I could have a freezer like yours set up in my kitchen filled with meals, how wonderful would that be for each night"  Davina

"your duck and cheesecake is our go to for our anniversary, restaurant quality" John