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Our Story

When I was in primary school my stories were always about going along
a path with houses made of food and trees with exotic lollies on them. 
I remember my mother, a school teacher, suggesting I try writing about
other topics.  What?! But could she not see how exciting it was to be in
a land of edible subjects and bright colours. 

Further along at intermediate my cooking teaching, Mrs Martin said
she had never met someone so intrigued with an egg and its composition. 
I could not believe what an egg was capable of and the variety of use
it had.  It was then that I decided that I wanted to be an egg farmer. 
We lived on the town boundary, and a new path had been created out
towards the country school.  It finished short of the corner, but I had
to run to the corner as I was so intrigued as to what went on in that
huge big silver shed with all the chickens in it!  I should have known
back then I was destined for the food industry.